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Semillero de Innovación

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Learn in the most entertaining way with our technology and robotics courses, around the Learning Doing & Playing methodology, we will teach you the techniques and tips for you to develop your innovative projects.

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Collect points by participating in courses and events, sharing experiences, projects and solving challenges, level up and earn achievements by completing specific steps to unlock additional content, earn rewards and prizes.

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Join Our Community

Join our community and share your experiences, challenges, projects and ideas with your friends, classmates and teachers. You will also find games, tips and relevant information in the most entertaining ways. Learn in Community.

Robotize your School

Robotize your School

We bring technology and educational robotics to students and teachers of elementary and middle schools to prepare them for the new skills and knowledge of the 21st century.

Store Semillero de Innovación

Store Semillero de Innovación

Find everything you need to develop and create everything you imagine in the world of technology and tobotics. Robotics, electronics, programming kits and more.


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The objective ofSemillero de Innovación is to introduce children and young people to the world of technology, robotics and innovation with the methodological proposal Learning by Doing & Playing, enhancing personal values ​​and capacities such as creativity, analytical capacity, discipline, concentration, problem solving and teamwork.

In the Semillero de Innovación we form under the concept of education “CTS+i” Science, Technology, Society + Innovation, with the purpose of promote comprehensive training strategies for the process of scientific-technological education, integrating the personal and social development, a mindset in favor of innovation in order to “Educate to Innovate”.

Our Courses

Learn in the most entertaining way with our courses, accompanied by different challenges and different levels, where we will teach you the techniques and concepts necessary for you to develop and bring your innovative projects to life.

You will be able to access our courses whenever you want and pause the videos as many times as you need, you will also have our community where you can clear up doubts with other students and teachers

Arduino with Pictoblox

4 Lessons

Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado

Artificial intelligence for kids

4 Lessons

Juan Sotomayor

Juan Sotomayor

Introduction to the world of Electronics

4 Lessons

Jose Delgado

Jose Delgado


Learn by Doing & Playing and live a unique experience, accumulate PinkPower sharing your experiences, projects, solving challenges, participating in our courses and events. Level up, reach achievements, and get rewards and prizes by redeeming your Pinkpowers.

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Earn Pinkpowers as you complete courses, solve challenges, share your experiences, projects, and interact with the community.

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By completing the challenges and reaching achievements, you get rewards and prizes. Redeem your Pinkpowers for additional content, discount on courses and shop, gifts and many more.


Participate and raise your level by accumulating PinkPowers. Share your badges and achievements on your user profile.

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We have different Kits and Components of Technology and Robotics so that you can learn by making, building and creating different projects, robots, programming and giving life to your projects, we have educational tools to motivate yourself in the world of technology and programming for boys, girls and young people from 4 years!

Robotize Your School

The Innovation Seedbed, through its Learning by Doing & Playing methodologies and the Science, Technology, Society and Innovation (CTS + i) approach allows introducing and encouraging students and teachers to the world of robotics, programming and technology.

Robotics & Technology Academies

Robotics and Technology courses aimed at girls, boys and young people from first grade to fourth grade. The courses are divided into levels according to the age of the students, offering in each course a specific program focused on adequately developing the skills and knowledge in the fields of robotics, technologies, science and social skills.

Technology applied to the classroom

To integrate innovative methodologies in the classroom to generate digital skills, training and educating teachers in technological educational tools that serve as a means to reinforce the contents of the programs proposed by the Schools. Our online training platform allows us to work in a didactic way with practical activities that can be carried out within the classroom of any subject


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Parents and Students

Our participants are happy with the Semillero de innovación. Come and participate in our activities, courses, workshops, events, academies and more, We have a large staff of professionals who are experts in technology and education. Here you will learn in a fun and playful way

Since I understood the use of technology thanks to the Semillero de Innovación, I managed to take a different point of view of the world around us, I have realized that technology is everywhere, it has allowed me to give life to my ideas and develop my projects with my own hands.


With the Innovation Seedbed, my son has managed to learn and do things that in my life I imagined, I never thought that my son would be able to do and build the projects.


My son has Asperger’s disease, therefore, for him it is like a therapy, external to his therapy that does not have that kind of help, so here the help is teamwork, sharing. For him it is like a resounding change, that his crazy ideas make some sense, that is, the part that is most developed, that they have functionality for them, like a connection.


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